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Computer Basics

Computer Basics

Duration: 1 to 3 Months

MS-Word: Introduction to Ms-Office, Ms-Access, Ms Excel. Parts of window of word (Title bar, menu bar, status bar, ruler) , Creation of new documents, opening document , insert a document into another document. Page setup, margins, gutters, font properties, A!ignment, page breaks, header footer deleting ,moving, replace, editing text in document. Saving a document, spell checker, printing a document.Creating a table, entering and editing, Text in tables. Changing format of table, height width of row or column. Editing, deleting Rows, columns in table. Borders, shading, Templates, wizards, Drawing objects, mail merge.

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MS-Excel: Introduction to Worksheet/Spreads, Features of excel. Describe the excel Window, different functions on different data in excel, creation of graphs, editing it and formatting, changing chart type to 2d chart or 3d chart, creation of worksheet, adding, deleting, moving the text in worksheet, linking different sheets, sorting the data, querying the data, filtering the data (auto and advance filters), What-if analysis, printing a worksheet.

MS-Power Point: Introduction to Ms power point. Power point elements (templates wizard Views, color schemes ,Exploring power point menu (opening & closing menus, working With dialogues boxes), adding text, adding title, moving text area, resizing text Boxes, adding pictures. Starting a new slide, saving presentation, printing slides .Views (slide View slide sorter, notes view, outline view) .Formatting & enhancing text formatting, Choosing transitions. Creating a graph, displaying slide show, adding multimedia .Slide transitions. Timing slide display, adding movies & sounds. Using a pick look Wizards to change format.

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